Tips To Find A Church Home

In order to make sure that you are strengthening and empowering your faith, you will need to find a church that will accommodate you. This is incredibly important, so that you are able to build your faith on a strong foundation and grow closer to God each and everyday. While a relationship with God is a personal one, you will have a much more fulfilling time building and nurturing your faith with the help and fellowship of others. [Read More]

Searching for Truth in a Used Bookstore

Whether you're on a spiritual quest or just want to expand your knowledge about religious practices around the world, you can find a treasure trove of information in a used bookstore. The best thing about a used bookstore is the hidden treasures within. You're not going to get a packaged primer on a specific religion or spiritual practice that you would get from a visit to a religious institution (well, you may get that too, but it's not because it's being offered by a proselytizing practitioner of the faith). [Read More]